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EZEHR  is a physician driven application which simplifies the increasingly complex task of patient care.  The product was designed by practicing primary-care physicians who see and manage dozens of patients a day.  Their message to us was clear  -  Simplify the patient management process.

On this command, EZEHR simply delivers the most powerful, flexible and affordable patient management application available.  EZEHR represents the simplest and most efficient method available in: eCharting, eMessaging and ePrescribing.


Benefits of EZEHR to Office Staff:

 No more hunting for charts.

 Eliminates need for involvement in the prescription process

 Allows for delivery of messages and other communication with out interrupting the patient flow

 Vastly reduces administrative tasks, allowing more time for assisting the physician in the patient care process


Key Features:

 Follows widely used SOAP procedure.

 One-click prescription Fax/Print.

 All PPI on one easy-to-access screen.

 Customizable Templates allows for personalized and specialist friendly eCharting.

 Integrated eMessaging allows Doctors and Nurse seamless communication


Proven Practice Impact:

Quick Implementation:

 Generally requires  less than one week to install the EZEHR system and transitions fully to paperless patient management.

 On-site training for physician and staff.

 Easy access to continued technical support


Immediate Return on Investment:

 Eliminates costly transcription services

 Increased efficiency gives physician flexibility to see more patients, spend more time with each patient, or take personal time.

 Immediate reduction in staff requirements.







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