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S.I.S. is one of the things that makes EZOffice Assistant the best in the business!

EZOffice Assistant was the first version with S.I.S., which tracks all input in the system, remembers it and uses what it has learned to make life easier and better the next time.

For example, every time a payment is entered normally into EZOffice Assistant, the CPT or HCPCS codes are remembered from the insurance company, and even from the insurance plan to which the codes were filed.  Then, whenever another patient has the same insurance, or plan, the expected payments are remembered and displayed on screen showing what we expect.  This means you can immediately see  problems with payments, or, if they are correct, merely click OK to post the payment.  The following display shows two filed codes with the payment and adjustment code amounts already filled out, ready to click OK!

wpe7.gif (17994 bytes)

S.I.S. also tracks CPT and ICD9 combinations that are acceptable, or not acceptable, and keeps a log of anything that is rejected with its reason for rejection.  It then will, during normal input, automatically warn everyone that a code being used has been found not acceptable for this insurance company or plan.

The best part of S.I.S. is that it does all of this merely by doing your normal work.  Security codes can be set to allow certain people to override warnings, while others can not! If a payment is outside of set limits, and the person inputting it does not have the priority to override it, he/she cannot post the odd payment, but will have to turn it over to his/her supervisor!

When normal work is complete you have reports available showing payments for your procedures by insurance company, which gives you the ability to show how much each one is paying for any procedure!   We have offices claiming they have saved tens of thousands of dollars by using these reports to negotiate with insurance companies!  You can also view payment histories by insurance company, and special insurance company analysis programs.  This makes EZOffice Assistant invaluable for your practice management!


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